About Thunderbolt Technologies

Company Vision

The software industry has made big business out of Government contracting and catering to the forture 500's. Local government, non-profits and small business is often left spending much more than needed, buying overly complicated pieces of software to complete daily tasks, or not having anything at all.
Thunderbolt Technologies was founded by a group of software deveoplers who saw the waste in these overpriced, overpromised, underperforming software packages being marketed towards organizations who don't need them and can't afford them, but are stuck because there were no other options. We want to provide the services you need, with the understanding the solutions to fit a Town of 5,000 are not the same as those for Washington, DC or LA, and a business with 10 employees won't need the systems designed for Wal-Mart.

Our Approach

You know your business and processes. You know where you want to go. We can work together on the best route to get you there.

We learned early, you can't learn of you don't listen. We don't have sales quotas, sales people, or sales bonuses. What we do have are people who want to listen to your concerns, learn your process, and then see if we can help improve it with custom software, hardware, or security.

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